Hi, I’m Sheryl

I’m a passionate whole person explorer in this journey we call life.


This blog and podcast came to me organically. They are tributes to my real-life human experiences that have been at times exciting, messy, painful, beautiful, magical and always worthwhile. A journey of yearning, hope and reach. A journey of acceptance. A journey of love and friendship. I’ve learned along the way that there is a reason and season for everything in life. A time to pause, a time to leap and a time to bounce.


I have been disappointed, and I’ve been hurt. But more often I have been surprised and delighted. Thirty plus years of business, close to that many years as a mom, multiple entrepreneurial adventures – mine and helping others, and opportunities that came because I had the courage to take action.


I have built resiliency and flexibility to bounce when I fall. And these days I bounce higher and farther.


This blog and podcast is my way to pass it on. To share nuggets of wisdom and morsels of hope.


Let’s do this!


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